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[Webinar] CustomTools: What's new 2015 SP2?

Thursday, June 11, 2015 9:00 AM
UK & Ireland (Online)

REGISTER HERE for this free 30 minute webinar that explores the benefits of CustomTools!

This month's flavour focuses on the new features released with the latest version of CustomTools!

CustomTools Overview

CustomTools is a suite of time saving tools for SolidWorks. Integrating a broad range of time saving tools that will allow you to ease your SolidWorks design and bring consistency to the engineering team. In addition you will be able to use CustomTools to migrate SolidEdge documents and legacy data to SolidWorks. CustomTools allows you to reduce repetitive and complex tasks and manage data so that it can be re-used across the entire enterprise, allowing you to work more intuitively, effectively, and accurately.

Features include:
  • Custom properties, File naming & project management
  • Integrate SolidWorks/Enterprise PDM to your ERP/PDM (e.g. Enovia, SAP)
  • Batch printing and file formats conversion
  • Sheet metal & Weldment tool (Automate Dxf creation)
  • Copy and rename assemblies
  • SolidEdge migration tool

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