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Pentagon BIM Consultants London Master Class

Tuesday, June 16, 2015 9:00 AM
The Mermaid, London

Pentagon BIM Consultants present a master class at the London 'BIM today: 2016 & Beyond' Event

Attend the 'BIM today: 2016 & Beyond' hosted by Govtoday at The Mermaid (London, UK) & discover how Pentagon BIM Consultants can help you through each step of your BIM journey.

Pentagon will be providing a BIM Master Class with fully qualified experienced BIM experts delivering an invaluable opportunity for you to get the right information at the right time from the right people. 

BIM today: 2016 & Beyond will provide a crucial learning opportunity for construction and facilities management professionals to be updated on the latest information about BIM including recent innovations and the current level of BIM integration into the construction marketplace. For the private sector, it will be an opportunity to debate on a national stage the performance of the industry and the policy input from Whitehall. For the public sector, the event will be an opportunity to gain vital knowledge to help realise the key target full BIM Level 2 implementation by 2016 and look towards Level 3 and 4 utilisation in the medium/long term. 

To secure your place call Rob Daniels on 0161 713 3889 or email

Cannot attend this event? Contact Pentagon to arrange your own BIM consultation!