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Manage Your Data in a Vault

Tuesday, July 21, 2015 9:30 AM
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Create order from design file chaos

Join Pentagon at this event to help maximize return on your company’s investment in design data by driving design re-use with the Autodesk® Vault family of products!

Top 10 Reasons to Add Autodesk Data Management to Your Design Process

1 Best-in-Class Autodesk CAD integration

2 Teamwork and Collaborative Design

3 Find Data Quickly

4 Rapidly Copy and Reuse Data

5 Control Design Data Access with Revision Management

6 Simple Administration and Configuration

7 Share Data Outside ofthe Design Group

8 Scalability for Multiple Sites and Large Workgroups

9 Automated Release and Change Processes

10 Coexist and Exchange Data with Enterprise Business Systems

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