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University wins $100,000 NASA prize using SOLIDWORKS

Robot designed using SOLIDWORKS wins NASA competition!



NASA Sample Return Robot Challenge encourages innovation in autonomous robotics as teams locate and collect samples across a wide variety of terrain and obstacles without human intervention. TheCataglyphis Mountaineers robotics team from West Virginia University (WVU) college of engineering, under the direction of Dr Yu Gu,  rose to the challenge, worked together, and last week won the $100,000 NASA prize.  Sixteen teams competed at the NASA event held at WPI.  The competition looks to improve NASA’s capability to explore a variety of destinations in space and to enhance the development in US robotic technology for use in industries and our planet.

"SOLIDWORKS enabled the WVU SRRC team to build an effective mechanical platform. Using SOLIDWORKS with a 3D printer also enabled us to rapidly prototype components and allowed the programming, navigation, and vision teams to quickly test new concepts. We also used SOLIDWORKS to develop custom guards to shield important electrical components from rain. When components were mature, we sent out components for machining as SOLIDWORKS parts within assemblies, and also used SOLIDWORKS to create engineering drawings for machining parts in house....We used SOLIDWORKS Simulation for the rims and smaller parts for quick validation. We also used SOLIDWORKS to plan out the 4-bar linkage that comprised the grabber raise and lower mechanism to fit the desired grabber location when fully extended and fully raised."

This post was originally published by   on the SOLIDWORKS Teacher Blog and is being reposted here with permission from Dassault Systemes SolidWorks Corporation.


Robot designed using SOLIDWORKS wins NASA competition!