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Meridian Standard

Collaborative Engineering Made Easy

Concurrent engineering for seamless data handovers and easy audits with a single Engineering Information Management solution.

Meridian StandardMeridian Standard provides powerful and flexible Engineering Information Management for the entire enterprise. In addition to managing engineering drawings and documents, Meridian Standard supports project workflows, collaboration with external contractors and compliance with internal and external regulations. The software can be deployed for multiple locations to ensure optimal user performance and support your organization’s future growth.


Accurate information is essential to achieve design integrity and the efficient execution of projects. Meridian Standard lets your internal and external teams execute tasks on engineering projects while the organization continues to work with the latest released technical documentation. 


Simplify the management of concurrent engineering tasks in complex projects. Meridian Standard lets multiple engineers work in parallel using different CAD systems and provides automated approval and workflows to manage the handover process after each project phase. 


Fast and accurate project delivery is key to maximize your return on investment. Meridian Standard provides easy insight into project progress and quality through dashboarding and automated notifications about deviations, as well as a full audit trail and project archive for regulatory compliance. 


Get experts from around the world to participate in projects quickly. Meridian Standard provides full project document control and validation of contractor deliverables. By working in a secure cloud-based portal, external stakeholders do not require access to your internal master data and workflows. 

Targeted products for user groups

Our software includes a set of products to help different groups of users in your company to do their daily work.
These products help consumers, authors and collaborators to efficiently manage and exchange engineering information within your business processes.

Benefits of Meridian Standard

Simplify complex engineering. Manage concurrent engineering for seamless project handovers and easy audits. Meridian Standard delivers a single Engineering Information Management solution that can be scaled up to meet your company’s needs and handle an increasing number of projects.


Make up to date information readily available. Collaborate more efficiently during complex engineering projects.



Centralize your knowledge to drive document and data completeness, even when working with external contractors.




Be confident you are working with up to date information and that you can prove control for regulatory compliance.


Cost reductionCost reduction

Reduce the total cost of information management. Achieve added savings in collaboration and project delivery times.