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Digital Collaboration with VR

Rather than just seeing your model, LIVE lets you experience it.

Virtual reality is being adopted rapidly with certain AEC segments helping bring design visualization to the next level & enabling an almost tangible virtual walk-through of models.

VR is increasingly used to quickly explore and iterate on concepts and design options, communicate with clients, or provide detailed information to on-site workers.The use of VR & MR technology is unlocking the potential to address some of the industry’s major inefficiencies during the design, construction and operation stages.

Watch the video (accessible via the right side panel) to see how to simply use VR functionality in Autodesk Live.

Autodesk is taking the lead in making digital technologies relevant and valuable for AEC customers & their answer to this particular trend comes in the form of Revit LIVE,  the game-changing, cloud-based service that transforms your Revit model into an interactive experience, in just one click.  A simplified approach to using VR to explore your models with easy and comfortable navigation.